Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Works of Art...

Yesterday one of our art dealers stopped by and we were able to get some amazing pieces. The first one above is an original work done by a South American artist entitled "Noche de Pasion"...This is one that Dana picked out and I fell in love with!

This is another one of my personal favorites... I love the way this looks classic but with a modern twist.....very cool and unexpected.

This is another one of the paintings we picked out. In the end, we wound up with around 10 beautiful pieces. There are a couple that have to be gallery wrapped....they are incredible as well and I can't wait to post them!

Construction - Day 1

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Great finds...

Well, the weekend got off to a great start...on Friday we went to a vintage shop and found some awesome things! Look at these columns....they are unreal and we found two of them....the detail is exquisite!
Then we found two awesome sets of doors for our new addition...they are scheduled to start on the addition Monday so this made for perfect timing. The doors have great detail and tons of character...not to mention the charm they will add to the new conference room...

We also managed to come back with a set of chairs that are going to be re-upholstered in a great Cowtan & Tout turquoise polka-dot fabric....can't wait to post them! If everything goes to plan the construction on the new addition will start tomorrow and I will post pictures of the process so you can see it all come together...very exciting!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lovin these lamps...

Yesterday, I had to place an order for a client and it sent me on a search for lamps. These are some awesome lamps! The first I ordered just to place in the store because I love it, especially that black shade and base.

This one I ordered for the client to go in her master suite. Her suite is done in black and white - very streamlined with a black and white toile. So, this was the perfect lamp to add that pop of color.....can't wait to place them on her night stands!

This is another one that I think is great! I'm a huge fan of turquoise so this is right up my alley. Now, I just have to wait for them to all in all I had a wonderful online adventure in pursuit of the perfect lamp - mission accomplished!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh yea, it's Cowtan & Tout...

Just got the new issue of Traditional Home and I am really loving this issue. It is packed full of some great ideas. One in particular is the Cowtan & Tout fabric showcased on pg. 36. It is an awesome Savoy animal print that we actually used on a wing back chair for the show house we did this past October.

Here is the chair below with the featured fabric...its such a wonderful fun print and really turned out gotta love Cowtan & Tout!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Little Light....

I am really loving vintage lighting these days....I have to say that it really gives a room so much character and provides a home with instant age. You can have a new home and use vintage lighting and its as if the house has been there for years....The picture above is from Martha Stewart...I have to say that is my favorite vintage light....I'm using this light in a current project I'm working on.
The picture above is the home of Kirby Ellis...I love this room for many reasons! The light plays a huge role in the way it reflects in that stunning mirror which is being used as a that idea!

This is a beautiful room I saw in Country Living. Love this room for many reasons, but the light really catches the eye and pulls the whole room together. Bottom line is no one should not take lighting for granted. It really can make all the difference in the world .

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Little Grey...

This color is my new favorite! This is Sherman Williams Classic French Grey....its the bomb .com! Just got finished using this on dining room for a client I am working with. Can't wait to show you pictures of the completed looks awesome! This is the most true grey I have blue...just a classic french grey.

Something New...

Just received a new chair! I love this chair mostly because of the amazing fabric we had it covered in. The fabric is a great Cowtan & Tout stripe that looks so sharp. Paired it with a custom Kenneth oil painting that pulls in the red along with the red tulip arrangement. Placed the porcelain monkey lamp on the black wine table and the whole look really came together.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Little Inspiration...

This is the Villa of Kriselea located on Rivermont Ave. in downtown Lynchburg, VA. I absolutely love this house! I had the opportunity to take some shots of the house and I am dying to see the inside. I lived in Lynchburg when I was in college and I have never forgot this house, anytime I am back in Virginia I go by and look at it. Its very inspiring...look at all the detail!

This is back of the house - that my friends Britt and Jen who went on this adventure with me.

The home is massive - this is the south entrance.

Can you imagine being able to call this home?......One can dream!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Simply the best....

If your looking for a new fresh scent for the new year this is your candle. It is delicious! Thai Ginger Citrus from Jimmy Belasco is the best! We can't keep them on the shelves, it is the most pure,clean, fresh scent I have ever burnt. 100% soy....simply the best!

Been a while....

Well, the title says it all! Things have been very busy for Chateaux over the past few months many different projects have taken our attention. That's a good thing! Now we are back and ready to focus on an amazing 2010!

There are going to be a lot of things happening this year and we couldn't be more excited. For now, we are going to focus on updating the blog and taking everyone on the journey with us.

Now for a recap.....

Back in August, we started a great project at The Greenbrier for a holiday showcase house. We worked with WVLiving magazine ,as well as, Ann Bell of Ann Bell & Company.The house had to be completed by the first of October. This was an enormous undertaking but proved to be very rewarding. The house was a plain vanilla spec home and we went in and completely designed the first floor. The home is for sell and we thought this would be a great opputunity to showcase this beautiful property.....for more info on the house contact listing broker Ann Bell 304-645-5000.

A large event was held to showcase the house at the end of October. The event was a tremendous success with over 100 people showing up to view our work and the house.

We managed to get a lot of great press during this time. WVLiving did a great 8 page spread on the house which is on stands now - so check it out! We also got some great mentions from the Register-Herald, Charleston Gazette and Fox 59 News.

While doing all of this we managed to keep up with our other projects and managed to tackle all of the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Well, that's a little recap of everything that has gone on over the past few months. For more pictures check out our website.