Wednesday, May 5, 2010

~So here I am...long overdue....I know.....but here is a recap of market. We had an amazing time and saw so many beautiful things and met some amazing people along the way. Below are some shots we took and there will be more in the days to come but for now here we go....

~Dana & I with Rachel Ashwell....who is so gracious and nice~

~ Me with Candice Olsen...seriously had to fight off an army of crazed women... no lie~

~Eddie Ross - blogger extraordinaire-....randomly bumped into him and he couldn't have been more nice and his blog~

~Dana & Candice.....again this was taken in the midst of the crazed hysteria~

~Ok so this is Urial and she is a buyer for a department store in Michigan and I absolutely feel in love with her the minute I saw those glasses... so chic and I asked to take a picture with her and she couldn't have been nicer...classy lady~

Below are some great shots from everything they are some highlights

~These are simply epic....enough said~

~LOVE this sofa and to sit in it makes you want it even more.....a must!

~This reclaimed wood table is a great piece...very green... reclaimed wood pieces had a huge presence at market~

~Friends we met at market...Beverly on the left and Marcia in the middle....they were a breath of fresh air...two fun gals~

~Love these lights....what statement pieces~

~Dana doing the "signature" pose....inside joke....HA!
~Below are shots of the Barclay Butera showroom....which was a knock out of the park~

~So there is a I said I have more shots to stay tuned~


  1. wowowow, love all those designers Rachel esp. Bobo is awesome! ~lulu

  2. I know... I adore Rachel...thanks for reading!